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Can't upload photos due to low memory - help!

I bought a ZTE Blade 8 a couple of weeks ago. All good, but I can’t upload pictures to websites.

I get the message ‘Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory’. I looked up YouTube which recommended disabling the ‘don’t keep activities’ option under Developer Options – but still no luck.

Any other ideas? This seems like a fairly basic task to be able to do.

Any advice or help would be great!! Thanks!


#1 Spurano, May 23, 2018
I looked up the spec's on the Blade V8 Pro (that's the right model?) and with 32GB/3GB ram you should be fine. Are you sure that you actually have low memory? Try going to settings>storage and see what it says.

How and where are you trying to upload photos? It could be a limitation of the site itself.
#2 lunatic59, May 23, 2018
Problem solved. After disabling the don't keep activities I rebooted and problem now solved.

#3 Spurano, May 24, 2018